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K9 Police Dog Report

Posted by Richard Massafra on

Police and their dogs do many activities.  The following is a partial list of what was reported in the news recently.

Adams County Gets New K9

Adams County Sheriffs Office in Louisiana is getting a new police dog.  A 4 year old Dutch Shepherd named Benny. Benny is trained in 3 activities - tracking, apprehension and drug detection. Cpl. Daugherty has 3 more weeks of training.  You can read more here.

Northwoods Fire Deptartment Search and Rescue

Newbold fire department is using dogs trained for search and rescue missions.  They under went five days of training. The training included searches through creeks, hill searches and field searches.  

Author Donates Bullet Proof Vest

James Wiate the author of “The Adventures of Solo, The Big Dog"  has donated a vest and two pet oxygen masks. The book is a children's book that came about from telling his two daughters a story about the K9.  

K9 Finds Fugitive 

Paducah Police used a K9 unit to find a man that ran away after a traffic stop.  The K9 unit was requested after the suspect fled on foot.  

Sgt. Antonites and his K9 partner, Junior responded. Junior found the man hiding behind a door in the garage. He was apprehended by Junior. The suspect was booked on several charges.

You can read about K9s and officer who died recently here.

How To Help

Sit Up Doggy donates 8% of proceeds of all dog treats to local K9 units.  For every purchase you make you will be helping a K9 unit.

Also we donate 100% of proceeds from the purchase of either of two books to K9 units. The "How to Train Your Puppy" and "Dog Owners Delight" books are less than $3 and a donation of any amount can be added.