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Be Prepared For Pet Emergencies - National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day

Posted by Richard Massafra on

What Kind Of Disaster? 

The Atlantic reported that 600,000 animals were rescued or died during Hurricane Katrina. When many people need help and resources are spread thin animals get pushed down the priority list.

May 8 is National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day.  Every region of the country has their own kind of disaster.  The plains have tornadoes, the east and gulf coast has hurricanes, their are floods and earthquakes and snow storms.  

Then the smaller disaster such as fires, frozen pipes, loss of electricity and others.

Stock Survival Gear

Create a survival kit for everyone in the family and for every pet. You can create your own pet first aid kit. You will also need to have water and food for every person and animal.

Don't forget to pack clothes for yourself as well as the dog or cat if needed.  You can pack dog and cat gear in their own pet travel suit case.

Practice Practice Practice

Practice what to do and where to go.  Have a backup plan of where to go if shelters are closed or the place you are going is inaccessible.