4 Drive Thru Food Chains That Offer Dog Items On Their Menu

Dog Menu at Fast Food Joints

It is not well known but many places have menu items for dogs.  I show 4 places that dog treats but there are many more.  Some are Tim Hortons, Johnny Rockets,  Culver's , Lazy Dog Cafe and others. 

Dunkin Donuts - You may not want to give your pup a latte if he is full of energy. However, certain Dunkin Donuts have dog treats at their drive thru windows and some may even offer a pup latte - (whipped cream in a cup).

Sonic - some drive thrus will offer dog treats. Hurry and eat your burger and shake before you have to share with your dog.

Chik-Fil-A this company may have the best record for customer service in the fast food industry. However they also serve our dogs with treats.

Dairy Queen - the tasty ice cream shop also carries dog treats. The Pup Cup is free with purchase. It is a small serving of ice cream. Some may even sprinkle a treat or two on top.


So when you are out and about and forget their dry dog food or just want to give them a treat you can stop at one of these places.