Protein Does A Dog Good

Protein Does A Dog Good

I Want Protein For My Dog
  • Natural

    We don't use artificial colors or preservatives. We start with good stuff and end with good stuff

  • Company with a Conscience

    We donate about 8% or our proceeds to local K9 units. We also take donations from customers. The amount is combined for an even bigger donation any one of us could do on our own.

  • Guarantee

    If you don't like our product we will return your money. Then we step it up one notch and if your dog doesn't love it we will return your money. We call it our 200% guarantee.

Wholesome Dog Treats

Wholesome Dog Treats

Your dog is important to you. And our dogfis important to us. We make all of our treats right her in the USA. We start with the same ingredients found in a grocery store. Then the fun begins and unexpected combinations are created that dog go crazy for. The high value treats dogs droll over.


Do you make these treats?

All of the treats are made in our own facility. We source these ingredients from local stores where available and cost effective and we source from other vendors in the USA.

Are these organic?

The dog treats are natural. They contain no artificial flavors or ingredients. We start with "human grade" food. Our oat flour is Non GMO. There is no corn or wheat in our treats.

Do you offer free shiping?

Once you order $30 worth of treats we ship for free. We have flat rate shipping of $6.99 otherwise.

Do they contain grain?

Yes except for the beef jerky. But they don't contain wheat or corn. Oats are naturally gluten free. However are oats are not certified gluten free as they could be made where wheat flour is made.

How do you choose what local K9 units to support?

Well the first couple were no brainers. Start with the local guys. Then we are going to hold Facebook contests to see who will receive the next ones.

Can we donate online?

Yes at times we will give 100% of proceeds from ebooks to the cause. Keep an eye out or sign up for our newsletter and will keep you informed.

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