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Adopting A Dog 3 Areas To Cover

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adopting a dogWhat To Expect When Adopting A Dog

We have seen this image too often. A pup is brought home to a giggling child too happy to have a cuddly little puppy with furiously wagging tail while kissing the child all over the face, a happy contagiously funny scene. Soon the dog will be peeing on the carpet, needing to be fed and watered, jumping on people, begging for walks, creating noise, uprooting plants, digging in the yard and messing around as all dogs do. Adopting a dog entails responsibilities such as grooming, taking it out for exercises, training and caring as well as feeding and watering. When decided to adopting a dog, plan for the following:


The basic supplies that the dog will need are bowls for water and food, a dog ID tag with name address and phone number, a bed, a comb, a leash and a collar, and dog food.

Setting Limits

Even before the dog is brought home, the family should agree on tasks, assignments and other dog duties for the caring of the dog. Assignments should include who should feed the dog on particular days, who should take the dog for walks, and who should groom the dog. When limits are not set and the dog is allowed to do as it wants, the dog will attempt to dominate. To prevent this, do not play games with the dog that will teach him to challenge you. When the dog starts to nip, it is a signal that the dog had enough, let the dog rest and do not allow another occasion to reach that point as it also teaches the dog to become dominant. Do not allow nor encourage wild behavior. The dog also appreciates hierarchy. It would be easier to make the dog follow your commands if it learns from the start that you play dominance or is the alpha male.

Dog Training

Because the dog has to learn manners and to follow commands, dog obedience training must start as early as possible. Excessive barking, jumping on people, quarrelling with other dogs and house pets, chewing on furniture, scratching the carpet are just some of the examples untrained dogs do that often results to embarrassment to their owners. Training your requires an appropriate collar and leash. These do not only differ from one dog to another, it also differs depending on the breed and the size of the dog. While dogs are lively and generally lovely creatures, there are some negative traits that surface after a while.


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